Light, airy, custardy and just so delicious.

Croissant  Bread Pudding

Croissant  Bread Pudding

Step 1: Dry the Croissants Start off with 1 pound of croissants. Cube them and dry them out in a low temp oven. It's key to dry out the croissants. And no, "stale" croissants are not the same as drying them in a low oven. When they are dried out, they will be much more like a sponge to soak up the luxurious custard.

Step 2: Make the Custard and Assemble Make the custard in a large bowl with the eggs, cream, milk, sugar and vanilla extract. Add the custard to the croissants and let it sit in the refrigerator for 2 hours to fully soak up the custard.

Step 3: Bake it Bake the bread pudding at 350° F for about 45 minutes to 1 hour, or until it is cooked through and the until the top is puffed up and golden.

Step 4: Serve it Let cool slightly before slicing and serving with the bourbon butter sauce. Bread pudding is best served warm.

Bread pudding is best served warm, but it can also be eaten cold. It's also a delicious treat to be enjoyed in the morning for breakfast with a cup of coffee.

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