1. Plan ahead.  Season a day or two in advance for optimal flavor. Start cooking early because it might take longer than expected.

2. Get the right size roast for your party size. Figure around 1-pound of uncooked meat per person to feed everyone about 8-ounces after it is trimmed and cooked.

3. Salt is the best seasoning.  It brings out the natural flavors. Salt the roast at least 1 day in advance so it penetrates all the way through

4. Temper the meat. Bringing a large cut of meat up in temperature is important for even cooking so the outside doesn't cook before the inside is done.

5. Cook by temperature, not by time. A good meat thermometer is absolutely essential, which is the only way to know for sure when it's done.

6. Be aware of the pull temperature vs finished temperature. You have to pull the roast out of the oven before it reaches the "done" temperature, which can be 5 to 15° before.

7. Know your oven. Just because your oven dial is set to a specific temperature, doesn't mean it's actually calibrated perfectly.

8. Don't skip the rest. A 30 minutes of rest gives it enough time to re-absorb the juices so they don't run out when slicing.

9. Slice to serve. Only slice off what you plan to serve immediately to avoid it drying out and cooling quickly.

10. Plan a week of meals around the leftovers. Embrace the leftovers and have a creative plan for them for the week ahead.

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