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turkey on the grill with thermometer

Grilled Turkey

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Learn how to make a juicy, flavorful whole turkey with beautifully crispy skin using simple ingredients and your grill. This easy, set-it-and-forget-it method frees up oven space and delivers mouthwatering results perfect for any occasion, from Thanksgiving to summer barbecues.
grilled lamb skewers on sheet pan vertical

Grilled American Lamb Skewers

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Tender American lamb shoulder cubes marinate in zesty lime and spices before being grilled until smoky and succulent. Served with creamy chipotle sauce, these versatile skewers pack addictive flavors and a tender texture.
get more smoke flavor out of pellet grill

Don’t Trust Your Grill’s Built-In Thermometer

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Your grill’s built-in thermometer is likely giving you inaccurate temperature readings. Learn what you can do to get reliable temperature monitoring so your grill never sabotages your cooking again.
grilled lamb shoulder sliders with chimichurri

Grilled American Lamb Sliders

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All you need is lamb shoulder, a zesty marinade, and a hot grill – then marinate, grill, sear, and slice your way to irresistibly tender and smoky lamb sliders topped with vibrant chimichurri. These flavor-packed sliders make for the ultimate crowd-pleasing backyard BBQ fare.

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