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Grilling season is in full swing and it’s time to accessorize your Big Green Egg with the ultimate add-ons to start making the best barbecue you have ever tasted.

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So you just invested a nice chunk of change on a Big Green Egg. Congratulations and welcome to your new obsession. To truly make the experience, you will need to accessorize just a little bit. Having the right accessories not only makes your BBQ life easier and more fun, but they can also make your food taste better. That’s really what it’s all about, right?

There are a lot of Big Green Egg accessories (sometimes called “eggsessories”) out there and some a great and others are unnecessary. I’ve broken down the list into what the truly essential and almost all are conveniently available on Amazon. Now let’s get to those accessories.

Getting Started

A place to sit (and stand) your egg

If you didn’t buy a stand with your egg, that’s probably the first thing you will need. A stable stand with locking wheels gives you the most flexibility so you can easily move the egg around your deck or patio. There are also a lot of custom table options if you are looking for more of a built-in table look for your egg, there are lots of options available.

Big Green Folding Egg Shelves

If you are placing your egg on a stand like mentioned above, then shelving is an essential accessory that you will want for holding sheet pans to spatulas. They come in super handy and you can raise one or both depending on what you need. They easily fold down for storage and are easy to clean. Available in two and three slat options (the more slats, the more workspace).

Green Egg Fuel and Fire

While charcoal might not be classified as an “accessory,” high-quality charcoal fuel is the foundation of your BBQ cook in the Big Green Egg. Always use lump charcoal in your Big Green Egg.

Big Green Egg Lump Charcoal

Also available at ACE Hardware stores.

Premium BBQ Wood Chunks for smoking

Once you have your charcoal lit, it’s time to start the smoke. Hardwood “chunks” are a larger size and last longest for long cooks. Available in Oak, Hickory, Apple, Cherry, Maple, Mesquite and Pecan for the perfect flavor for whatever meat you are smoking. It’s great to keep a variety on hand. Wood chips are smaller in size and are best to for shorter cooks and grilling.

Charcoal Starters

It’s all about getting the fire started with as little effort as possible and definitely don’t use any type of lighter fluid. Almost nothing does it as well as Natural Charcoal Starters. These are the easiest and cleanest way to get your charcoal started so you can get smoking or grilling with almost zero effort. Just set one or two in place, light them, and they do all the work for you.

Best Thermometers for cooking in the Big Green Egg

You don’t know what you don’t know, and knowing the precise internal temperatures of your meat and your Green Egg BBQ are something you definitely want to know.

Your cook is done when it reaches a certain temperature, not by how long it’s been cooking, which is why it’s so important to use the best thermometers. I recommend keeping two thermometers on hand when grilling and smoking.

Thermapen MK4 Instant Read Probe Thermometer

This will be one of your most used and loved tools in the kitchen and for outdoor BBQ and grilling. It’s a probe thermometer that gives almost instant and very precise readings of the internal temperature of your meat.

Thermoworks Smoke

A two channel thermometer that remotely tracks both the internal temperature of what you are cooking and the temperature of your Big Green Egg. You can set high and low-temperature alarms so you don’t have to worry about constantly checking on your Egg to make sure the temp is right or opening the lid to check for doneness. It allows you to step away and have a stress free day while your meat is smoked to perfection.

The ConvEGGtor

The ConvEGGtor is essential for indirect cooking and smoking. It blocks the heat from coming directly up and instead lets it flow to the outsides and into the dome of the Egg.

Grill Gripper

Use the grill gripper For pulling the grill grates out of the egg and putting them back on.

Ash Tool

A super useful little tool for moving the charcoal around in your egg to scraping out the ashes the next day after your cook.

Ash Pan

The ash pan for the Big Green Egg clean up of ashes out of your Big Green Egg super easy. Use it in combination with the Ash Tool to pull cooled ashes for disposal or use in your garden.

Meat Claws

The name might sound a little intimidating, but you will be loving a nice set of meat claws for pulling and shredding your perfectly smoked pork butt to make pulled pork.

Cooler for resting the meat

Your meat has been smoking all day and needs a well insulated and quiet place to rest before you dig in. Oh, and it works great for keeping your beer cold all day, too! Any cooler will work, but a premium Yeti cooler just happens to work better and looks cool at the same time.

Butcher Paper

Perfect for wrapping your smoked brisket to finish cooking or for a quick table covering when dinner is going to be messy. Having a roll of butcher paper on hand will come in handy for way more than you might think.

Keeping it Covered

If your Egg stays out in the elements, you probably want to keep it covered. There are a lot of cover options available, and this cover is around $25 and does the job just fine.

But wait, there’s more…

While these aren’t specific accessories for the Big Green Egg, they are perfect for outdoor grilling.

Sheet Pans – Use them for everything from taking the meat out to the egg to bringing all your BBQ tools outside in one trip.

Kitchen / Bar Towels – Having plenty of cheap kitchen towels around

Headlamp – If you start your smoking project super early in the morning or go late into the night, a headlamp will be your best friend for lighting up what you need to see.

A skillet for pan frying in the Egg

Not everything has to be cooked on the grill grates. You can deep fry, pan roast and sear using a heavy cast iron skillet right inside the Big Green Egg. The problem with most skillets is the handle gets in the way of the lid. Luckily for us, Lodge makes the perfect skillet for the job and it has no handles. Available in 10″, 12″ and even 17″ sizes. So great for making fried chicken or chicken under a brick.

Cookbooks to get you smoking on the Green Egg

Project Smoke

Franklin Barbecue: A Meat-Smoking Manifesto

Ready to get cooking?

Top Recipes for the Big Green Egg

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Big Green Egg Frequently Asked Questions

Is a Big Green Egg worth it?

The Big Green Egg is so worth it. Yes, it definitely is an investment, but once you make it, there’s absolutely no going back. Nothing cooks like it and it saves you lots of money on charcoal because a small amount will last all day.

How much does a large Big Green Egg cost?

A large Big Green Egg costs approximately $859.00. Big Green Eggs are only sold in stores and not online, so check your local dealer for the latest prices.

Can you use the ConvEggtor as a pizza stone?

It isn’t recommended to cook pizza directly on the ConvEggtor. Instead, place the ConvEggtor with the feet up, followed by the grill grate and then a baking stone on top of that which is where your pizza will cook. This allows for indirect cooking of the pizza and for easier access to place and remove it from the egg.

Where to buy Big Green Egg accessories?

Big Green Egg accessories are available from Amazon, ACE hardware are another Egg dealer near you.

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