5 Creative Ways to Cook Turkey

Roast turkey like Mom used to make is lovely. But maybe it's time to level up your turkey game. Try something new with these recipes.
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turkey roulade on plate side

There are practically countless methods for cooking turkey. The traditional roast whole bird is great for a large group. But this year, I’m focused on methods that are perfect for smaller gatherings. The recipes below are mostly for turkey breast, and all of them are simple and delicious.

Smoked & Honey Glazed

When you love those irresistible smoky-sweet flavors that you can’t stop nibbling on. Pop a nice brined, bone-in breast in the smoker for a few hours. Then step in and apply a delicious honey-bourbon glaze that is as beautiful as it is tasty.


To roll, or not to roll, that is the question. And it might be time to roll instead of stuff your turkey this year. A butterflied breast is brined then rolled up with an apple-sausage stuffing, tied and roasted to perfection. The only time that turkey really deserves to be stuffed, and oh is it delicious.

Sous Vide

Maybe not your traditional method for cooking turkey, but it just might be your new favorite. It’s difficult to reproduce these amazing results with any other way.

sous vide turkey breast on plate overhead 1

Sous Vide Turkey Breast

It's all about the perfect texture and flavor when you sous vide a turkey breast.
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You’ve probably roasted a whole turkey dozens of times, but pairing down to just the breast has some great benefits, including faster cook times and it can be perfectly cooked throughout without having to worry about the dark meat.


If you are looking for a magazine cover showpiece, with flavor to match, turn to the smoker for cooking your whole turkey. With a beautiful mahogany color and a hint of smoke that is distinct, this is a candidate for your new tradition.

And Don’t Forget the Sides:

And for the Leftovers…

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