While I am definitely more goal-oriented and not really big on “resolutions,” I recently read some “Tiny Kitchen Resolutions” from America’s Test Kitchen that inspired me to come up with a list of my own kitchen resolutions that will make life in the kitchen better. And just maybe a few of them can help you as well.

Let me know in the comments if any of these resonate with you, or if you have your own that you plan to work on. 🙂

  1. Sharp knives. The importance of having sharp knives for efficient and effective cooking can’t be understated. I refuse to go another year with having to grab the wrong knife for the job just because it is sharp and the right one isn’t.
  2. Clear counters, clear mind. There are so many benefits to having clean and organized counters in the kitchen. Not only can they free your mind to be creative rather than clogged, but they look so much nicer.
  3. Keep a pantry, fridge and freezer inventory. Keeping track of what ingredients are on hand and what needs to be restocked is key to utilizing everything up before it expires to avoid waste and save money.
  4. Sunday = meal plan prep for the week. Set aside at least a few minutes on Sunday to get ready for the week ahead. Write down menu ideas, chop shallots, herbs, make a vinaigrette, blanch some veggies and prep a few proteins. It will make for a fun week of cooking. You can also plan around using large cuts of meats over multiple meals to maximize value.
  5. Challenge accepted! Cook a difficult or intimidating recipe out of a cookbook (or from a blog!) at least once a month to improve your cooking skills and try something new.
  6. Waste less by getting creative with what is on hand. It’s easy to get lazy and just go to the store, but using up what you have is a really fun way to cook that makes you more creative. Read ways to reduce food waste.
  7. Declutter, again. Ongoing decluttering of the kitchen keeps it organized and functional. Don’t be afraid to say goodbye to that gadget that you haven’t used for five years.
  8. Discover a new cooking method or technique. I’ve done it before with the oven. This year, I think I’ll pull out the wok and cook everything in it for at least a few weeks.
  9. More veggies, please! Veggies cooked the right way are simply wonderful. And we can all use more. Read tips for shopping at the farmer’s market.
  10. Sauce it up. Make a conscious effort to include more sauces in cooking to elevate dishes.

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