4th of July Recipes

It's summer and time to light the grill, start the smoker and give that icy cold refreshing cocktail a good shake to start the celebration of 4th of July with this roundup of delicious recipes.
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4th of july recipe roundup

It’s summer and time to light the grill, start the smoker and give that icy cold refreshing cocktail a good shake to kick-off your likely much smaller scale the 4th of July celebration this year.

The 4th of July is the day we celebrate our independent nation. It’s a time to be outside with family and friends grilling amazing food and drinking our favorite beverages in somewhat responsible quantities.

This year, the 4th feels very different from any other in most of our lifetimes. We aren’t all gathering together in big groups at the beach. We might actually be feeling a lot more “independent” in our own households while trying to come together as a nation.

Whatever your 4th of July looks like this year, I hope this delicious recipe roundup will provide some positive inspiration for making some delicious food. Whatever you can make this year, the smell of the grill smoking in the air is key to giving you that positive vibe we all need right now.

Let’s Get to the 4th of July Recipes

easy apple crisp horozontal

Apple Crisp Recipe

In this easy apple crisp recipe, warm, sweet apples, plenty of warm spice, and a crispy, crumbly oat topping combine for a delicious fall dessert. Top it with some ice cream and dig in.
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Ideas for Celebrating the 4th of July in 2020

A traditional 4th of July menu will usually include an amazing colorful spread of burgers, hot dogs, bbq chicken and all the wonderful sides that go along with the festive red, white and blue decorations. This year, your 4th of July (at least mine) is likely going to look and feel a lot different.

Here are a few ideas for how you can still celebreate.

Cook smaller portions – If it’s just going to be a very small group, you can cook smaller portions.

Enjoy the leftovers for longer – Cooking a big piece of meat and a few sides can help get you through the rest of the week with those delicious leftovers.

Do a neighborhood 4th of July pot luck – If you are friends with your neighbors (which I hope you are), you can divvy up the menu and have a social distance 4th of July on the street. It’s almost the same amount of work to cook up a big piece of meat as it is a small one, and sharing feels great.

You can either cook smaller portions or you can cook up

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