Celebrate spring’s arrival with an unforgettable Easter feast! From glazed ham to herby lamb, creamy scalloped potatoes to fresh asparagus, these simple and satisfying brunch, dinner and dessert recipes put traditional Easter classics on your table with ease.

The flowers are blooming, and the warm breezes signal it’s time to gather loved ones for a joyful holiday celebration filled with vibrant flavors. Kick off the feasting with perfectly poached eggs or fire up the smoker for an incredible main dish cooked outdoors like glazed ham, herby lamb, creamy scalloped potatoes or some fresh spring asparagus.

Now let’s get to the recipes!

double smoked ham with pineapple glaze horizontal 1

Double Smoked Ham

This double-smoked ham with a sweet & smoky pineapple-brown sugar glaze is the answer to your cravings! Perfectly juicy and incredibly delicious, it's the ultimate upgrade to your classic ham dinner.
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scalloped potatoes in baking dish horizontal

Scalloped Potatoes

Creamy, cheesy, potato-y and simply irresistible. The thinly sliced potatoes are layered with a creamy sauce made of milk, cheese and butter, and then baked to golden perfection.
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sous vide polenta in bowl overhead 2

Sous Vide Polenta

Impress your guests this Easter with a silky-smooth and flavorful Sous Vide Polenta that can be prepared ahead of time and easily reheated before serving.
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sous vide ham horizontal

Sous Vide Ham

How to sous vide the juiciest and most tender ham. Finished under the broiler with a brown sugar glaze.
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asparagus and fried egg

Asparagus with a Fried Egg and Parmesan

This Asparagus, Fried Egg, and Parmesan recipe is the perfect addition to your Easter brunch menu, featuring seasonal flavors and a deliciously runny egg yolk.
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grilled leg of lamb sliced on plate horizontal 1

Grilled Leg of Lamb

Grill a leg of lamb that's juicy, smoky, and low effort with a high reward! Butterflied for fast cooking, bursting with herb flavor, and perfect for any occasion from a Sunday supper to a holiday feast.
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cold smoked salmon horizontal 1

Cold Smoked Salmon (Lox)

With just a handful of ingredients and almost no hands-on work, you can easily make an elegant, velvety cold smoked salmon at home to grace your Easter table – an intoxicatingly smoky, luxurious delicacy that would cost a pretty penny from a gourmet market. Requiring minimal active prep yet producing incredibly tender, buttery slices infused with a delightful woodsy essence, this deceptively simple smoked salmon makes for an impressive edible centerpiece alongside your Easter dishes.
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sous vide leg of lamb overhead 2

Herb Crusted Sous Vide Leg of Lamb

So tender and so flavorful with hints of rosemary and thyme, topped with a bright Italian Salsa Verde sauce. The leg of lamb comes out perfect every time when cooked in the sous vide and browned under a broiler.
grilled lamb chops with mint chimichurri saucing

Grilled Lamb Chops with Mint Chimichurri

Garlic and herb marinated then grilled lamb chops, mint chimichurri and herby cauliflower rice. So delicious and easy to prepare in about 30 minutes.
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simple smoked salmon on cutting board

Simple Smoked Salmon

How to make the best smoked salmon at home with this simple 3-ingredient recipe that is so easy and ready the same day.
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smoked turkey in smoker horizontal

Smoked Turkey

Juicy, flavorful smoked turkey made easy. With simple prep and foolproof smoking steps, this recipe guarantees tender, smoky perfection every time.
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mushroom risotto in bowl

Creamy Mushroom Risotto

The creamy, earthy and buttery satisfying richness fills you up and leaves you with a smile.
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smoked turkey breast with honey glaze

Smoked Turkey Breast with Honey Glaze

You know that amazing honey-brown sugar glaze that we brush all over our smoked ham? Well, let's bring that concept to delicious smoked turkey breast to add some wonderfully sweet and smokey flavors to our holiday bird.
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the perfect sous vide poached egg

Sous Vide Eggs

How to sous vide the most perfect poached egg. It's the easiest technique for creating a heavenly texture that is almost impossible to achieve by other methods.
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smoked lamb shoulder horizontal

Smoked Lamb Shoulder

Pulled lamb that melts in your mouth. The slow-smoked shoulder shreds into tender, juicy strands like the best brisket or pork shoulder. Follow the recipe for all the tips, tricks and what to serve with your new favorite BBQ cut.
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smoked prime rib sliced on plate featured

Smoked Prime Rib

Super flavorful crusty exterior, unbelievably tender interior and a hint of smoke flavor all add up to the most amazing prime rib you have ever had.
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seared scallops in skillet horizontal

Seared Scallops

Pan-seared sea scallops with a lemon-brown butter pan sauce. Simple, yet so delicious. A restaurant treat you can easily make at home, and quick, too.
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Slow-Cooked Carrots

Slow-Cooked Carrots

Slow cooking carrots brings out their natural sweetness and creates a melt-in-your-mouth tender texture that is difficult to achieve with other methods.
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buttery boiled carrots in bowl horizontal 1

Buttery Boiled Carrots

Learn how to boil carrots and incorporate them with a few simple pantry ingredients like butter and herbs transforms humble carrots into an irresistible, crowd-pleasing side in less than 10 minutes.
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sous vide scrambled eggs overhead horizontal

Sous Vide Scrambled Eggs

Cloudy, light and fluffy is what comes to mind when you take your first bite of these sous vide scrambled eggs.
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creamy mashed potatoes in a bowl overhead

Mashed Potatoes

The creamiest, most luxurious and delicious mashed potatoes. A beloved side dish that can become the star of the meal.
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Smashed Fingerling Potatoes on plate 2 horizontal

Crispy Smashed Fingerling Potatoes

Crispy and crunchy on the outside, buttery on the inside. Smashed fingerling potatoes are a perfect and super easy side for any meal. 
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how to cook green beans - horizontal 1

Sautéed Green Beans

When it comes green beans, there is definitely a best way to cook them so they come out perfectly every time. The great thing is that it's super easy to do.
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croissant bread pudding on a plate close up

Croissant Bread Pudding

Light, airy, custardy and just so delicious. This is bread pudding perfection made with croissants and topped with an amazing bourbon-butter sauce.
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sous vide creme brulee in mason jar with spoon

Sous Vide Crème Brûlée

5-ingredient sous vide vanilla Crème Brûlée is almost completely hands-off, making it so easy to make and even easier to enjoy. Perfect out-of-this-world velvety texture and flavor.
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sous vide cheesecake horizontal 1

Sous Vide Cheesecake Recipe

Individual foolproof mason jar cheesecakes with strawberry compote and a Graham cracker crumble topping. Foolproof, simple, and delicious.
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smoked apple crisp in skillet featured

Smoked Apple Crisp

A delectable apple crisp with a smoky twist is the perfect way to savor the flavors of fall. With a crispy-crunchy topping and tender, flavorful, slightly smoky apples, this sure-fire-hit dessert gets you cooking outside.
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smoked bread pudding recipe on plate overhead

Smoked Bread Pudding

Elevate classic bread pudding with a kiss of smoke and decadent bourbon sauce. Cubes of bread soaked in a rich vanilla custard are smoked until golden and puffed.
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