So you got that fancy sous vide machine and can’t wait to get started experiencing the magic of sous vide? There are a few essential accessories that will help you make the most of it.

One of the great things about the technique is you can start off with just a circulator and make that work with what you have. Once you get the hang of the basics, you can build on to your accessory collection to make things even easier, more fun and even more delicious.

Immersion Circulators

This is an accessories post, but I’ll share my favorite circulators just in case you still need one.

anova nano

Anova Nano Precision Cooker

Great entry-level starter sous vide immersion circulator. It can do it all, just takes a little longer to heat up the water bath from the start.

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Anova Precision Cooker

Anova Precision Cooker

A powerful circulator that is compact and easy to store. Heats up the water super fast and is very precise.

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Sous Vide Containers and Lids

Contain yourself (and your sous vide water bath). There really are endless container options out there. To start, you can totally use a container that you already own, like a large pot or even a cooler for a big job.

Upgrading to an inexpensive plastic container can make the job much easier. I prefer clear plastic to easily see what’s going on with the food.

A lid for the container is important for reducing evaporation and maintaining the temperature for long cooks. Plastic wrap, foil or sous vide cooking balls can be used as a cover for the container. A lid is less important for shorter cooks.

Tip: Be sure that the lid you get will properly fit your specific immersion circulator machine. You can also buy an inexpensive lid and cut the hole yourself.

Lipavi sous vide container

Lipavi Sous Vide Container

The Lipavi containers are great and come in a variety of sizes from 7, 12, 18 to 26 quarts depending on your needs. The rectangular shape is optimal and the lids are sold separately, which is ideal so you can get one that fits your circulator perfectly.

Rubbermaid Sous Vide Container

Rubbermaid Square Containers

Square containers are generally easier to store in your cabinets or pantry. These are also available in a variety of sizes. Pick up a lid that fits your specific circulator machine.

Vacuum Sealers

A food vacuum sealer is one of the more useful accessories for sous vide. While it’s not always a requirement to vacuum seal your food for sous vide cooking (you can use the water displacement method with Ziplock bags), it makes things much easier and often cleaner. Properly vacuum sealing food before freezing is also the best way to keep it tasting fresh.

Anova vacuum sealers

Anova Precision Vacuum Sealers

Anova has their own vacuum sealers in two models. The lower model is a great value and pro model is about double the price with more power.

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Food saver 4400

Foodsaver V4400

The Foodsaver is a solid vacuum sealer that I have used for years.

Sous Vide Bags

Always use bags that are rated for sous vide cooking. You can use vacuum sealer bags or Ziplock freezer bags using the water displacement method to remove the air and seal the bags.

Thinking about sustainability is important when it comes to sous vide cooking. There are a few things that can be wasteful. Those are the bags and the water. Both are fairly easy fixes. Reusable bags are getting more popular and accessible. The water can be used for your plants or washing dishes (it’s already warm) after you use it for your water bath. Using a container with a tight-fitting lid will pretty much eliminate evaporation and thus, use less water.

Vacuum Sealer Bags & Rolls

Available by the roll or individually cut. Having both is always a nice option.

stasher bags

Stasher Silicone Reusable Bags

These reusable sealable bags are food safe and great for both sous vide cooking and storing your food.

reusable vacuum seal bags

Reusable Vacuum Seal Bags

Reusable and washable bags that are sealed with a hand pump vacuum sealer are a great option.

Other Accessories

sous vide magnets

Weighted Magnets

These strong and weighted magnets are amazing for keeping your food submerged in the water bath. Just place one next to the bag and the other on the outside of the water container.

bag clips

Bag Clips

Chip bag clips, large binder clips or plastic utility clamps will work great for securing the bag in the water bath to help keep it submerged. Use something you already have around the house.


Searing Torch

Giving a quick sear to your sous vide food adds tons of flavor and makes your food much more visually appealing. My favorite is the Bernzomatic TS8000. I have found that a “searing” attachment really isn’t necessary. This tool also has countless other uses from the kitchen to the BBQ.


Searing Skillet

A heavy-duty skillet that can handle and retain high temperatures is important when searing your sous vide foods. My go-to is a carbon steel skillet.

sous vide wire rack

Sous Vide Rack

A sous vide rack is a “nice to have” accessory that can come in handy when it comes to keeping multiple bags organized and submerged in the water bath.

Sous Vide Recipes

Now that you are accessorized and ready to sous vide, it’s time for some delicious sous vide recipes to get you started.

Favorite Sous Vide Cookbooks

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