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Essential Sous Vide Accessories

The best and most essential accessories for sous vide cooking. From sous vide containers to bags.
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Essential Sous Vide Accessories

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So you have your fancy new sous vide machine, now you need to pick up just a few essential accessories to make the most of it.

Sous Vide Containers and Lids

Contain yourself (and your sous vide water bath). There really are endless container options out there. You can totally use a container that you already own, like a large pot or even a cooler if it’s a big job. Upgrading to an inexpensive plastic container can make the job much easier. I prefer clear plastic so I can see what’s going on in there with a lid that properly fits the sous vide machine.

A lid for the container is super important for reducing evaporation and maintaining the temperature over long cooks. Serain wrap can be used as a cover for the sous vide container or even a towel. A lid is less important for shorter cooks, but it’s nice to get a lid that properly fits the container and your sous vide machine.

Vacuum Sealers for Sous Vide Cooking

A food vacuum sealer is one of the more useful accessories for sous vide. While it’s not always essential to vacuum seal your food for sous vide cooking (you can use the self sealing method with ziplock bags), it makes things much easier and potentially cleaner. Properly vacuum sealing food before freezing it is also the best way to keep it tasting fresh.

Sous Vide Bags

While technically any bag can work for sous vide cooking, using the best bags will yield better results and keep your food from leaking into the water bath. You can use vacuum sealing bags (recommended) or ziplock freezer bags using the water displacement method for sealing the bags.

Vacuum Sealing Sous Vide Bags

Ziplock sous vide bags

Sous Vide Rack

A rack is a nice to have accessory, but it can come in really handy when it comes to keeping your food organized and submerged in the water bath.

Bag Clips

You probably already have a few chip bag clips laying around in a drawer. They have a lot of uses other than keeping your sous vide food clipped to the side of the container


Some food just doesn’t want to stay down and it needs a little help so it cooks evenly. This can happen when there is just a little air in the bag. Weights that are sticky rubber will weigh the food down and keep it below the surface.

Searing Torch

Adding a quick sear to your sous vide food adds tons of flavor and makes your food much more visually appealing. A sous vide searing torch is used to sear the food after it cooks in the water bath.

Searing Skillet

A heavy bottom skillet is an essential tool for searing food that has been cooked sous vide. Since you want to brown it as quickly as possible so it doesn’t continue to cook, a skillet that retains heat and doesn’t cool down is super important. A cast iron skillet is the best tool for the job, and they’re really cheap and have tons of uses.


Placing a trivet under your sous vide container keeps it off the counter and from slipping or sliding its way towards the edge.


A nice set of tongs comes in super handy for positioning food around in the sous vide container and for turning food during the searing step.

The best Sous Vide Machines

Just in case you made it here and don’t have a sous vide machine yet; here are two of the best out there to choose from.

Sous Vide Recipes

Now that you are accessorized and ready to cook, it’s time for some super easy killer recipes that bring it all together.

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